Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Working From Home

I started working at home, since I got laid off my job the week before last. And I'm proud to say that some of the things I was most worried about have not been a problem at all. Here are my top 10 myths that have been debunked over the last week-and-a-half:

1. I will start cleaning obsessively. (Nope, I have had no burning need to clean, and the fur tumbleweed that I swear multiplies faster than the pets could shed it, hasn't been as bad as I thought).

2. I won't be able to share space with Gary, my work-at-home-husband. (As a matter of fact I would actually say it has been fun. We had lunch together today, and sometimes chat as if we're cubicle-mates.)

3. The dogs and cats will pester me, rendering me unable to work. (We put 'em all outside, but they're still needy. I equate it to the types of interruptions I would get from co-workers stopping by my cube -- not pesty at all, but more like a nice break from what I was doing).

4. I will let myself go. (This will shock you all, but I've gotten up each day, brushed my teeth, combed the mop, and put on clothes. If you don't believe me, ask Gary).

5. My design work will suffer. (The small projects for Erika, and the larger project for PCBC all came out great. I'm really proud of them. And they were all completed from right here at the kitchen table.)

6. Gary will come to despise me. (Hasn't happened yet!! I think the man actually does love me, bless his heart.)

7. I will be starved for human interaction (besides Gary). (This is easily resolved with a trip to the coffeeshop or pub.)

8. I will overeat. (Funny but I probably snacked more when I was in the office. Here, I just haven't really craved much and only really eat at mealtimes.)

9. I will have so much fun walking the dogs, etc. that I will miss deadlines. (So far, none missed. I have my trusty moleskine dayplanner by my side and live-and-die by it just as I did when in an office.)

10. I will feel some sort of generalized listlessness or malaise because I'm such a people person and things are just too quiet. (Well, this will just be something I'll deal with. My strategy is signing up for one of those 10-days-of-Yoga deals at a local studio. First lesson is tomorrow!).

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