Monday, November 12, 2007

Meet Milo!

We were so relieved to finally be able to adopt this little guy. He spent a grand total of 18 days at the shelter (puppy jail, as you can see), and now he's happy to get a nice warm home, a fun new friend, Buster, and a hobby (chasing the cats). We introduced them on Friday, and they were fast friends. Buster was a wee bit jealous of the attention we were giving Milo. I think he'll get over that soon, though. Buster is so good-natured. Milo really liked hanging out at the pub Sunday afternoon, too. Could be that he was completely fawned-over -- I don't think his feet hit the ground once, with everyone holding & petting him! He's one cute, sweet dog, but I know we haven't even seen his whole personality yet. He's just trying to get healthy and rested again after his puppy jail ordeal.

Friday, November 2, 2007

A small dog stole my heart this week...

So Gary & I have been considering getting another dog. We spotted this guy online and went to see him out at the pound on Bradshaw this morning. He ran right up to us, and when we took him out to play, he stayed near us and tried to curl up on my lap. He's a sweetie. But he's really mangy, has runny eyes, matted poopy fur around his butt, and he's super-skinny -- you can feel all of his ribs. We loved him and were all set to adopt him BUT...

We couldn't. They apparently scan dogs for a microchip when they enter the facility, but they didn't detect one at that time. Then they re-scan the dog before they're adopted (or euthanized, shudder). Today they did the re-scan and found a microchip on Kelso (the name the pound gave him). So, they are going to start the search for the owners. I would be lying if I said I hope they find them. Maybe that's wrong of me, but I just know Gary, Buster, Sweetpea, Noel and I could fatten him up, give him a good bath, some eyedrops and some attention, and he'd be the happiest dog in the world. We'll know by November 8th if we get to adopt him, but chances are not too good.