Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Returning to Sacramento

Look, I get it; Sacramento is going through hard times. From the plight of our state workers to our worsening housing market, not to mention the drought on top of the fact that the price of beer keeps going up. Things look bad all around. Except when you’re flying home from Las Vegas.

Yesterday I left Vegas: dry, brown, extremely quiet, scarily devoid of people, with casinos in bankruptcy, attendance at events down, many bars & restaurants closed (or not open certain days), and a housing market that seems much bleaker than ours. I couldn’t believe how empty the casinos were. And the horrible, horrible tourists with their pushiness and tacky outfits (although fewer people are going to Vegas, those that are there seem a little lower on the cool spectrum).

I got on the plane and as we approached Sacramento I saw all the lush green farms, the river and irrigation channels flowing, and the trees (oh, the trees). I am aware that this picture doesn’t negate the fact that we’ll face a drought this summer, but seeing all that green just makes you feel, what is it? Healthier? More optimistic?

And I always know I’m getting on a Sacramento-bound plane because the people are just a little nicer. We look up, say hi, hold the door, wait for our friends who get randomly chosen for a security check, move our bag so someone else can sit, listen attentively to the safety instructions. Sacramentans are, generally speaking, good people.

I came back from Vegas with more than just gambling losses and chapped lips — I gained perspective. It could be a whole lot worse.

(originally posted on Sactoblog)

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