Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I assume if you're reading this, you're one of my friends, thus I feel I can safely presume that you have heard of, and adore, Etsy.com. So maybe you already know about Etsy's "Alchemy" feature, but I recently found it & love it. You can post an item that you need made or found or created in some way, and the price you'll pay for it, and people will bid on the job. I have posted my need for new outdoor cushions and the response was great. I selected the bid from the person who's response and profile I liked best, and now she has helped me select fabric, made some great suggestions about the job, and is working on it now. I will end up saving a bundle, and will get cushions that fit perfectly. Isn't that cool?

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Deirdre Reid said...

Very cool! I might need a 12-step program for Etsy detox. I binge on it and then I'm fine for a while. (Typed while wearing Etsy bracelet.)