Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Press Check

In case anyone wonders what I do on these alleged "press checks" I'm always going on, I snapped a photo last week at our printer in Vegas. Here's me inspecting a pile of PCBC registration brochures.

OK, no. More accurately, I'm biding my time while waiting for the guys to fix the web press. These types of delays cost a bundle for the printer (who charges by the job, not by how much time it takes to print), and wastes a bunch of paper. Paper is a tricky thing, especially when combined with water, as it is in printing. As you can imagine, the works get mucked up pretty easily.

And that means a very late night of hanging around, playing video games and causing trouble with my good friend and print broker, Chris. I'm lucky to have a printer I can tolerate for all these long hours (I hope he can say the same for me).

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